The Club has the nearest Sighting In Range to Palmerston North.  With recent developments the Range is now much more pleasant to use.

It offers targets at 25m, 50m and 100m.  When shooting on this range please remember some common curtsies.

  • Shoot only on the backing boards provided
  • DON’T shoot the uprights please. These are costly to replace
  • Remove your targets when finished and put in the bin provided
  • If you’re not taking your brass away, a container is provided to put it in. Please Brass only, steel cases in the rubbish
  • NO glass or cans to be used as targets
  • Be respectful of others wanting to use the range also. It’s great that you want to develop your loads but taking up the range for half the day when others also want to check sighting is not so good.

You can join the Club for just rifle sighting if you wish.  The standard membership fees applies however the Range Fee is just $26.00 for the year.  If you bring a non-member with you remember that there is a $10.00 range fee for them.  It’s just like the green fees when you play golf.

Our thanks to Kynoch Construction and others for supplying us with our backing Boards.

Our Supporters

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