Cowboy Action Shooting, a sport created in California in 1982, is run under international rules set be 'The Single Action Shooting Society' of the USA.

Cowboy Action Shooting recreates life in the Wild West by Shooting a course of fire designed to depict an old west historical shootout, a movie scene or just someone's idea of the wild west.

Various target set-ups are made to resemble a western scene and scores are made according to elapsed time and accuracy in hitting the targets. There is a penalty of five seconds added to your elapsed time for each missed shot, and failure to shoot and move through the stage in the specified order will also cause a time penalty. The winning shooter will have a combination of the lower elapsed time and the most hits in the correct order. There is no advantage to missing fast. A shot timer automatically records your total time at your last shot.

To add to this fantasy sport, all shooters are required to wear some form of period dress. Long pants (or dresses for the ladies), boots, Cowboy hat and shirts with long sleeves will do. For firearms you will need two single action revolvers, a lever action or pump action Rifle (in Pistol cal) and a side-by-side Shotgun (without ejectors) or a model 1897-pump action Shotgun (with exposed hammer). Guns must be of pre 1900 design but modern versions like Ruger, Colt clones and Norinco 97's are acceptable. You will also need holsters and a carrier or belt for shot shells. All bullets are lead and have maximum velocity requirements.

The RRGC Cowboys shoot on the 2nd Saturday of each month on Range 6 from 10am to 2 pm.

To participate you must hold a current firearms licence. To watch, you need eye and hearing protection.

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