Club day is every Sunday rain or shine (essential to wear gumboots in winter).

Archers Shooting at 20metres and beyond shoot at 09.30am but need to be there by 09.15am to register their distance and help set up targets.

Learners shoot at 11.30am but need to be there 30 minutes beforehand to register their distance and find appropriate equipment.

Beginners advance by Shooting a qualifying score at each distance. A qualifying score is 400 points or more from 10 ends of 6 arrows each (ie possible score of 600).

The range is also open on Tuesday afternoon from 3.30pm for practice but club members must have their own equipment and set up their own targets.

Remember there is a "Pairs" competition running between February and October, 18m aiming at a 60cm target, See Kerry if you want to join (but you will have to catch up)

Coming up shortly is a formal "Short Canadian" shoot for Longbow and barebow archers (3 distances, 5 ends each. 45m, 35m and 25m, this is great fun and a real challenge.


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Also coming up is a new longbow shoot aiming at 3-d targets and silhouette targets. More information to follow